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Last updated: 08/01/18

HR Recruitment Specialists - Permanent and Interim

Are you looking to hire an HR professional? Whether you have a full time, part time or interim post then we can help.

Why Use Us for HR Recruitment?

We have worked in the HR industry for over twenty years in all different types of HR roles. We know how to spot a great HR Director, HR Manager, HR Business Partner or HR Administrator and understand the importance of good HR support to your business.

What We Offer

We will work with you to understand your business first. We will then help to develop a bespoke, tailored recruitment campaign with your chosen job description and person specification. We promise to source only the best HR candidates who are fully vetted to meet your requirements. We will do a first screen of the candidates and take up references. You are then free to interview those who we have selected who we consider the cream of the crop. By our tried and tested approach we will reduce your hiring time whether you need short term HR interim cover or a permanent HR solution.

If you don't know what type of HR professional you need to recruit below the outline the key job duties of the different types of HR professionals.

HR Director

Often part of the Senior Leadership Team providing strategic advice on support so that the people strategy supports the business strategy. This role drives performance in a business to ensure the organisation has adequate human resources to help the business go forward.

HR Business Partner

As part of the Ulrich HR model developed in 1997 this role works closely with senior managers to develop employee capabilities, managing talent and ensure business objectives are supported. They will have a keen understanding of how the business ticks in order to provide HR support at the right time and in the right areas.

Employee Relations Specialist

Also part of the Ulrich HR model this role specialises in employee relations providing support with grievance, disciplinary, dismissal, sickness absence, performance management, TUPE, employment tribunals, etc. This role ensures the business is protected from costly employment tribunal compensation using excellent knowledge of employment law.

HR Manager

A role that provides generalist HR support across all the key areas of HR - resourcing, reward, development employee relations in fact a jack of all HR trades. This role on a full or part time basis is ideal for a small business that has no need of specialist HR roles. This role should have a good understanding of employment law.

HR Advisor/Officer

A role that is usually line managed by an HR Manager to undertake low level generalist HR duties with a very basic knowledge of employment law that can be developed over time.


Learning and Development Manager

Responsible for learning and development across an organisation with an understanding of how employees learn and should be applying their skills. This is an essential role for an organisation that recognises how well trained staff can add to the bottom line.

HR Administrator

A role provides holistic admin support with recruitment, references, inductions, appraisals, employment contracts, etc and offers key support to the HR department. This role ensures the essential paper trail is maintained.

Reward Manager/Advisor

A role that specialises in reward management - undertaking pay and benefit reviews, managing benefits, flexible benefits, bonus and commission schemes, equal pay audits, gender pay reporting, job evaluation, etc, helping to ensure that a company remains competitive with good reward solutions.

Interim HR Solutions

You may not need a permanent HR person in your business so an interim HR solution might be the answer to complete a one off project or support your existing HR team for a while due to a high workload. The timescale for an interim HR solution could be anything from just a few weeks or up to 18 months. We can provide self-employed candidates to fill your gap operating on either day or hourly rate.

The Benefits of Our HR Recruitment Service

We understand how each type of HR role can support an organisation. We save you time and money with your HR recruitment as it takes up an extraordinary amount of time as trying to source decent candidates can take days. We now what great HR skills look like - we can recommend what you need. We are centrally located at the heart of the Midlands so we can source high quality candidates very easily.

So whether you are a small business looking to take on a first time HR person or a large corporate looking to increase your HR team we can help.

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