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Last updated: 09/01/17

Recruitment Consultancy

Recruitment consultancyWhether you are recruiting just one role or need to undertake a mass recruitment campaign SJ Beale HR Consult can help with your recruitment process. We will act as a recruitment consultant to recruit any type of role from administrator to CEO in all technical areas eg sales, IT. In addition, you can outsource your recruitment process to us entirely or use us for additional support at key stages.

We can help your skills shortage and ensure your recruitment is cost-effective We also help you avoid costly recruitment mistakes and discrimination.



Fixed Fee Recruitment

With our fixed fee recruitment service we guarantee to source outstanding candidates for a fixed fee which offers outstanding value. This service is ideal for any type of business who need a cost effective recruitment solution. We will source candidates for you from appropriate sources and undertake a pre-screening process before passing only the best CVs to you.

Recruitment & Selection Consultancy

To support your in house procedures we also offer the following:

Job analysis
Job descriptions/person specifications provision
Application sifting
Interview schedule development and support with interviews
Ability testing
Online psychometric testing (DISC)
Induction planning

Assessment Days

Ideal to effectively recruit key employees whether executive managers or graduates. An assessment day adds real value to the interview process so you are armed with comprehensive information to make an informed recruitment decision and prevent costly recruitment mistakes.

We can tailor an assessment day according to your needs to include include presentations, in-tray exercises, case studies, numerical and verbal reasoning, group exercises and psychometric profiling.

Recruitment & Selection Training

Learn how to successfully recruit employees with our Recruiting for Success workshop.

 For Recruitment Consultancy call us now on 07762 771290 or email

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