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Employee Reward


SJ Beale HR Consult offers a comprehensive employee reward service so you can reward your employees. If your employees feel they are rewarded well they will perform better adding to your bottom line. Great reward solutions will also help you recruit and retain talented employees.

Pay and benefits can cover all financial forms of employee reward. This can include salary, bonus, commission and financial benefits to include health insurance and pension provision.

Total reward can include non-financial forms of reward eg training provision, working environment. How employees are rewarded both financially and non-financially can impact on the bottom line.

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Employee Reward Solutions

Weoffer the following services:

Executive remuneration design
Salary & benefit reviews & benchmarking
Pay structure development
Market rate pricing
Performance related pay systems
Performance-related incentives
Bonus scheme design
Commission scheme design
Flexible benefits project management
Employee benefits
Job evaluation (more)
Equal pay audits
Total reward statements
Reward strategy & policy
Non-financial reward initiatives
Employee reward training
Financial education for staff
Pension advice

Pension Auto Enrolment

We can help you with pension auto enrolment. Find out more pension auto enrolment help

Outsourced Payroll Solutions

We can help you with outsourced payroll solutions. Find out more payroll services

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