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Last updated: 11/11/21


Useful HR Articles

Please find below a list of free articles on topical HR issues to download:

DWP Guidance on Managing Fit Notes

IR35 Questionnaire - Determine Off Payroll Contractor Status

7 Common HR Mistakes to Avoid

How to Deal With a Flexible Working Request

10 Reasons Why Companies May Need HR Support

What Type of Contract Does an Apprentice Need?

Stand Up To Bullying Day Actions for Employers

Employment Tribunal - A Practical Guide

How to Avoid Discrimination in Recruitment

Valentines Day Dilemma: Workplace Relationships

What Celebrity Bake Off Demonstrates About Disaibility

The Importance of Undertaking a Staff Investigation in Disputes

Applying a Genuine Occupational Requirement in Recruitment

Why You Need a Social Media Policy

How to Defend Vicarious Liability

How to Ensure There Are No Legal Hangovers Over the Office Christmas Party

I'm Pregnant! What Employers Need to Know

Why Bother About Equal Pay?

The Equality Act 2010 - Impact on Employers - HR Factsheet

Abolition of the Default Retirement Age - Actions for Employers - HR Factsheet

The Fit Note - HR Factsheet

7 Top Tips for Managing an Employment Tribunal Claim

Defending an Employment Tribunal Claim - HR Factsheet

How to win an employment tribunal case

Growing demand for tribunal support and representation

7 Top Redundancy Tips for Employers

HR Management In a Recession

Job Evaluation - outdated or modern process?

Financially Educating the Workforce

Tailored Employee Rewards

Flexible Benefits for a Flexible Workforce

Employee Reward to Recruit and Retain Top Talent

Not Too Small to Flex

The Long & Winding Road - Reduce Commuting Time

Relocation, Relocation, Relocation

Employment Tribunal - Whether to Fight or Settle

Are you Well?

Swearing in the Workplace


How to Recruit Successfully - 10 top tips

How to Develop your Networking Skills

Networking for Success - 10 top tips

How to use an HR Consultant

Continuing professional development (part 1)

Continuing professional development (part 2)

Corporate Manslaughter

Childcare vouchers and salary sacrifice


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